A photo from the Milford Beacon. Bryan Shupe being sworn into office as Milford City Councilman by Retired Superior Court Judge William Swain Lee.

A photo from the Milford Beacon. Bryan Shupe being sworn into office as Milford City Councilman by Retired Superior Court Judge William Swain Lee.

As a lifelong Milford resident, local business owner and Milford City Councilman I have had the opportunity of meeting so many exceptional individuals from this great city we call home. I have chosen to build my future here and work actively on a daily basis alongside my neighbors to improve our quality of life in the city of Milford. Through this work I discovered my passion for public service and have officially announced my candidacy for the Mayor of Milford in 2014.

Although I have always thought Milford was a great town, it was through my two businesses that I fell in love with the notion of what Milford could become. There is no doubt that the Milford my parents moved to over 30 years ago was much different than it is today. Due to the hard work of many individuals, organization and businesses, Milford has grown exponentially from when I was a child. We have an active downtown, a great school system and in recent years we have seen some economic growth.

Although we are on the path to success, Milford finds itself at a crossroads. What we as a collective group of citizens do in the next few years will determine the Milford our children and grandchildren live in. The Governor’s Office, Delaware Economic Development Office and many businesses from Delaware and surrounding states are watching us to see what direction Milford takes. All of them see something in Milford that makes them think we have the potential to lead this state.

I agree with their assessment and I believe that the driving force behind our success is the people of Milford. There is a concerted effort by many individuals and groups in Milford to push Milford in a positive direction. What we need now is a Mayor that demonstrates leadership by acting as an active ambassador for our town. This will ensure that Milford becomes the proverbial Shining City Upon a Hill and a beacon for economic growth.

If elected Mayor I will be an active ambassador for the town of Milford promoting a strong downtown that can act as a catalyst for both economic growth and a sense of fellowship throughout our city. I will encourage entrepreneurial spirit and growth in all aspects of life including commerce, culture and community. Milford will become a place where our leaders seek out opportunities and advancement here at home instead of moving away to other cities to start their careers and families.

As Mayor I will pursue economic development with a purpose, bringing industries and businesses that support and create middle class jobs. Milford will attract jobs that grant individuals the ability to purchase homes and start families; families that will prosper here in Milford for generations to come.

Please do not mistake my vision for grievances, I believe the town of Milford is a bright, vibrant city, but we must continue our work and actively pursue a strong future. Let us set the direction for the course forward and reengage our leaders of all ages and all industries, as they help to lead us to prosperity.

Bryan Shupe

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