Rebuilding our Infrastructure, Transportation Systems:

Restoring aging infrastructure, repairing our transportation system and developing new delivery systems to meet growth is critical to the future of the 36th District. Through my work as your State Representative, former Mayor of Milford and owner of two small businesses, I understand the challenges that arise to the public and local economy when systems are outdated. In just one year as your State Representative, we have made impressive strides to update our major infrastructure and transportation systems throughout the district to ensure safety and prepare for growth.

Rehabilitating our Roads

DelDOT Traffic has been actively working on a safety evaluation for the intersection of SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road. An all way stop will be added to SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road, south of the Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus. The tentative goal for the intersection conversion to all-way stop control is Spring 2020, weather permitting. Following implementation, safety and operations will be monitored through crash data review and site visits to evaluate how well the all-way stop control operation is performing and to determine if additional countermeasures should be considered.

In addition, this intersection is included in the Southeast Milford Transportation Improvement District (TID). The City of Milford and DelDOT Planning are working together to implement the Southeast Master Plan which is in draft stages. In addition to the short-term conversion to all-way stop control, the 2019 study has also recommended that the Southeast Master Plan consider long-term solutions for the intersection of SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road.

As your State Representative, I have used my knowledge and partnerships to help rehabilitate our aging transportation system. Without raising taxes, we have used budgeted Community Transportation Funding to facilitate 25 different road safety and infrastructure projects across the communities of Milford, Lincoln, Ellendale, Milton, Slaughter Beach and Prime Hook. Major, local roadways like SE 2nd Street are currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2020.

As Mayor of Milford, 2014-2018, the City of Milford and its state and federal partners met large infrastructure challenges — including Airport Road, the Route 1 & 14 overpass and the 113 railroad crossing. Prioritizing the rehabilitation of city-owned roads, the City of Milford finalized a 5-year Capital Improvement Plan that has started to meet growing transportation needs. This strategy created a construction timetable for roadways based on their structural condition while taking political decisions out of the process.

Ever conscious of our responsibility to taxpayers, we practiced fiscal prudence through resourcefulness, strategically planning across departments in coordination with planned repair or replacement of underground water, wastewater or stormwater lines. This effort will save the City time and the taxpayers money as the same roads will not be ripped up multiple times to address different concerns.


Infrastructure upgrades are wise investments of tax dollars, in terms of safety, quality of life and economic development. The top priority – always – is the health and safety of our neighbors here in the 36th. But properly planned and executed, these investments also help create jobs well into the future. I participated in many infrastructure projects as your State Representative and former Mayor, which has given me a unique look at both the “big picture” and the intricate details. We have made impressive strides to rehabilitate our infrastructure but our work is not finished. With my knowledge, a proven track record of success and your continued support, I am seeking reelection to serve another term as your State Representative in the 36th District. Together we can continue to drive progress and build upon the success in our communities.

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