This week my first bill will be heard by the Education Committee. Contact your legislators and urge them to send this bill out of committee to be heard on the House Floor!

The Bill will expand the scholarships for nursing through the Department of Education by increasing the eligibility of post-graduate work to include nonprofit hospital and healthcare practices. This will allow more nursing students to take advantage of these programs, which now only allows them to work in State facilities.

With no fiscal impact needed, this will help local students advance their education and allows them to work in our local healthcare sector. I have also started discussions with the Department of Education and Department of Labor on how to improve the way the State identifies careers and jobs needed in the future of our evolving economy. This will allow us to provide education opportunities to train our local workforce for those jobs ahead of a shortage of workers or labor crisis. I am happy to hear that our institutions of higher learning are providing these services and they are excited for expansion in this partnership.

Contact information for State Representatives can be found at

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