Rep. Shupe added more information for the business professionals around the topics of fiscal responsibility, job growth and healthcare.
“One thing that did not get out of the Senate this year, and I hope to bring it to the House, is the Fast Act,” he said.

The act would be geared toward vocations such as electricians, plumbers and others that don’t necessarily require college degrees.
“It gets us to think about other occupations instead of just having individuals go to college. It’s for the vocational workforce and giving them an opportunity to get a job in these industries,” he said. “It helps the economy and helps their family become independent, giving them the opportunity to make the fruits of their own labors,” he added.

He was also hopeful for a statewide real estate license, allowing agents to use one license instead of paying fees in multiple municipalities.
Health care is another field Rep. Shupe knows hits home for each of his constituents.

“We have a shortage of primary physicians not only here in Milford, not only here in Sussex County, but here in Delaware,” he said. “There’s a national study that says 81 percent of people who practice in their residency stay, and that is huge.

“So, we’re working on a loan repayment plan for physicians. So, after school, if they come to Delaware, they could have the opportunity for loan repayment.”

The program would include private and public investments alike to ensure its stability. In all, $1 million would come from the General Assembly each year, another $1 million from insurance companies and dollar-for-dollar matches from local hospitals.

“This is everyone saying: ‘This is important.’ We need more primary doctors. They are the first line of defense in our public health care system and we need them to work in our facilities,’” he said.
Continuing to discuss health care, he said the state is working to put more mental health professionals in elementary schools to ensure healthier communities, as well.

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