OCTOBER 9, 2019 — A small group of volunteers visited Lincoln yesterday to offer residents free water testing kits.

State Rep. Bryan Shupe joined Consuelo McGowan, with the Southeast Regional Community Assistance Project, to canvass the area.

Rep. Shupe said it’s important for residents using wells to be aware of the quality of potable water.

Delaware offers water testing for just $4. The analysis covers targeted factors including bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, iron, fluoride, alkalinity, pH, chloride, sulfate, sodium, and hardness.

The kits may be purchased at the Delaware Public Health Laboratory in Smyrna, the Thomas Collins Building-Suite 5 in Dover, and the Adams State Service Center in Georgetown



Among other things, the Southeast Regional Community Assistance Project helps disadvantaged communities get the resources they need to deal with drinking water and wastewater issues.

Ensuring quality drinking water has been a goal of Rep. Shupe during his first term in office. Earlier this year, he sponsored legislation (House Bill 210) seeking to provide state grants so low-income Delawareans with impaired well water could have treatment systems installed. Rep. Shupe says the legislation would quickly help vulnerable citizens while permanent solutions are conceived and implemented. The bill has been released from committee and is currently pending action in the House.

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