Coming in 2020 – An all way stop will be added to SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road, south of the Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus.

DelDOT Traffic has been actively working on a safety evaluation for the intersection of SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road. This intersection was originally studied under DelDOT’s High Risk Rural Roads Program (HRRRP) in 2012. As a result of the 2012 study, lane narrowing with rumble strips were installed along the SR 30 approaches as a countermeasure for excessive speeds.

Recently, DelDOT’s consultant, McCormick Taylor, evaluated crash history, existing traffic control devices, warrants for alternative traffic control including multi-way stop control, roundabouts, and traffic control signals, and provided recommendations for improving safety and operations. The study concluded that speed reduction efforts have not been effective along SR 30 through the intersection and that crash frequency has increased at the intersection since the 2012 study.

A variety of intersection configurations were considered to address these safety concerns, including all-way stop control, signalization, and roundabout. Based on the evaluation, we are moving forward with the implementation of an all-way stop control. A measure such as this can be implemented quickly compared to other enhancements that would require a detailed review of right of way, drainage, soil conditions, etc., and all-way stop control is expected to reduce the frequency and severity of angle crashes and operate with relatively minor increases in delay to the mainline. Our tentative goal for the intersection conversion to all-way stop control is Spring 2020, weather permitting. Following implementation, safety and operations will be monitored through crash data review and site visits to evaluate how well the all-way stop control operation is performing and to determine if additional countermeasures should be considered.

In addition, this intersection is included in the Southeast Milford Transportation Improvement District (TID). The City of Milford and DelDOT Planning are working together to implement the Southeast Master Plan which is in draft stages. In addition to the short-term conversion to all-way stop control, the 2019 study has also recommended that the Southeast Master Plan consider long-term solutions for the intersection of SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) & Johnson Road.


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