In an interview from 2018, the now incumbent State Representative Shupe said, “I believe that divisive politics is hurting our communities and the people of our district deserve a candidate that has worked alongside individuals from all political parties and parts of our communities to work towards a better quality of life for all.”

   Beyond direct health and economic concerns, Shupe has continued to push for inclusiveness through action. In the Delaware legislature, he has championed efforts for universal pre-kindergarten, a cleaner environment, and equal opportunities for vocational training and college education for all Delaware students.

Bryan Shupe demonstrates his commitment to keeping his constituents informed by speaking directly to local communities and organisations.

Bryan has also kept up with the ever-evolving world of information technology and leveraged the internet and social media to help Delawareans everywhere. When the Home of The Brave Foundation (they help homeless veterans) needed help, Shupe put out the call and received an immediate outpouring of support. From tweets about needed road improvements, to town square conversations directly with the community, Representative Shupe has listened to the community’s needs, concerns, and ideas for addressing them.

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