Delaware Representative Bryan Shupe is voicing his concerns after he was mailed the wrong election ballot for the upcoming Delaware Primary.

“I received the ballot for the Democratic Primary instead of my own party’s primary,” said Shupe.

Shupe who represents District 36 released a video on Facebook saying that he not only got the wrong party, but he also got his ballot the day it was due at the county election office. He says it’s time to fix the state’s “outdated voter registration system.”

“This allows our residents to have a voice and it is time that we take the opportunity, it’s time that we take this large challenge and get it fixed for future generations,” said Shupe.

Delaware lawmaker receives wrong election ballot

I have the most respect for the individuals working in the Department of Elections. This video is not a reflection of their commitment to Delaware voters, but a warning to voters to check the accuracy of their ballots. It is time for Delaware lawmakers to stop kicking the can down the road and support measures to fix our outdated voter registration system.

Posted by Shupe for State House – 36th District on Friday, September 11, 2020

Shupe says Delaware lawmakers need to support measures that will fix the state’s voter registration system such as finding an independent party that will help the department of elections with voter rolls.

“An independent party that both sides, the majority party and the minority party look at with the help of the department of elections to go over these rolls,” said Shupe.

Meanwhile, the Sussex County Director for the Department of Elections Kenneth “Bo” McDowell tells 47ABC they’ve sent out 30,000 mail and absentee ballots, which he says is a record-breaking number for primary elections, and sometimes the wrong envelope gets stuffed.

“Things were done by hand the way they’ve always been done,” said McDowell, “It’s just the volume is a lot more than usual.”

He says he believes this was an isolated incident and that the Sussex County Department of Elections is pushing to fix these kinds of issues with a lot better technology.

“And so we do apologize and hopefully we can do better in the future,” said McDowell.

McDowell says anyone facing problems with their mail or absentee ballots will need to visit the county elections office before noon on Monday for a new ballot. They can also call the elections office at 302-856-5367.

He adds the county now has a new machine that will help them lower the chances for human errors and it will be used for the upcoming General Election.

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