“I have been a Democrat my whole life and you are the first Republican I will ever vote for.” ~ Ellan Levitsky

Ellan and her sister Dorothy both served as Nurses with the 164th General Hospital in World War II. Stationed in Normandy, France both sisters most notably served in the Battle of the Buldge which was fought in the winter of 1944 and marked the last major offensive effort by the Nazis during the war.

“He is brilliant, well-liked and has a vision that I think could take the state to the next level. I was very pleased that he came to me before filing so that I could make my announcement. It says a lot about his character that he would do something like that and I am behind him completely.” ~ Representative Harvey Kenton

“He always says ‘what do you need’,” Sauls said. “He is always wanting to help this community. He asks, ‘What are your thoughts, David?’ It’s not like he is trying to get something out of me, but that he wants to help. I am part of the NAACP in Milford. Kids coming out to events and Bryan speaks to them, takes photos with them. You don’t see that too often, but Bryan does that. I’m so happy he’s running. I hope people see that he will make a great Representative.” ~ David Sauls -Retired Veteran, Former NAACP President

“Bryan and I have spent much timediscussing what is good for Delaware and I know he will carry those conversations with him at the state level. He has a proven track record and experience at the executive level that will be very beneficial for him in Dover. His business skillsets and background will greatly benefit him in the General Assembly.” ~ Ken Simpler, Delaware State Treasurer


I am proud of you as one of our former students. I know you have great things ahead of young you will continue to do a good job.” ~ Jean Wylie, Former Principal of Benjamin Banneker Elementary  





Bryan will do wonderful things for our community as our Representative in Dover. I cannot think of anyone more qualified.Bryan exemplifies the leadership we need in Delaware..” ~ Shawn Snyder, MHS Principal 


“I have known Bryan for almost 15 years and I am amazed by his vision and drive. He is the catalyst to lead Milford through this growth and I know he will do it for the state. Bryan is amazing at what he does. This will be a bit of a loss for Milford, but it is good to know he is not going anywhere.” ~ Alan Levin, Former Secretary Delaware Economic Development Office


“I am just so happy that Bryan has stepped up to the plate, he’s doing a great job as the Mayor of Milford as I’m sure everyone here would agree. Not only do I see Republican support, but I see Democratic support as well. I’ve always said that I could never be elected to the Senate without Democratic support. I know that, together, Republican and Democrat, we can support this young man for what he is planning to do in the future.” ~ Senator Gary Simpson

“Bryan has proven through his leadership as the Mayor of Milford that he would make a great Representative at the state level,” said Representative Wilson. “His ability to make things happen in Milford will carry over as he serves the State of Delaware.” ~ Representative Dave & Carolyn Wilson

“As Mayor of Milford, Bryan’s focus for downtown was brought to life with the Milford Rebirth Plan in 2015,” Pletcher said. “To this day, it shapes the direction in which the City, DMI, business owners and downtown non-profits forge ahead. It will continue to shape Milford long after Bryan has left office. Bryan’s vision, of course, expanded beyond the interior walls of this city. I am not going to list all the great successes he has produced, but in four years, Bryan has had a powerful impact. The new Bayhealth Hospital, Nemours, Nationwide, the new Route 14 crossover, which broke ground on Monday, a proposed interloop transportation system, the Airport Road revamp and our increased police patrols. These are all pertinent to Milford’sfuture. With a resume like that, I have no doubt that Bryan will be successful as a state representative for the 36th district.” ~ Sara Pletcher – President of Downtown Milford, Inc.

“Bryan Shupe has my full endorsement for House Seat 36 in this upcoming November election, said Grier. “Bryan is a strong candidate with a history of leadership experience as Mayor of Milford. Bryan has managed to be a successful entrepreneur while treating the Milford Mayor position like it’s a full-time job. Bryan has represented the city with class, dedication, and professionalism over the past four years. There’s no doubt his drive to see Delaware and Sussex County prosper will benefit us in the years ahead. I strongly encourage residents in the 36th district to support Bryan as he runs for election in November.” ~ Garret Grier – Local Business Owner, Duck-In Car Wash

“I know that with Bryan in Dover, we will still have a friendly face helping the fire service. I know that he will work to help bring us into the 21st Century. He knows that as a volunteer organization, we save a lot of taxpayer money and that we need state support to continue providing the services we do.” ~ Duane Fox, Former Chief Carlisle Fire Company

“Bryan is young and enthusiastic. In the year I have lived in this town, he has put the community above himself. I think it is what leaders should do. As a leader myself, when I see those qualities in another leader, they have my undying support.” ~ Bob Longo, Milton Police Chief

“I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan over the years. As the Chairman of the Economic Development Committee with the Chamber of Commerce, Bryan has attended with Eric Norenberg, the City Manager, at almost every meeting. He is very involved, and I am honored to support him for his bid for state office.” ~ Andy Stevens, Pastor Church of God

“Bryan is one of the greatest guys and he taught me much about politics. He has done amazing things for Milford and I know he will just as well at the state level. I hope I can do just as good a job as Mayor as he did.” ~ Archie Campbell, Mayor of Milford



Bryan has done an excellent job for the town. If he can do this much for our City, there is nothing he can’t do at the state level.” ~ Dave Vezmar, Milford School Board Member

“Milford has become a better place through Bryan’s work as our Mayor,” said Milford resident Ray Lynch. “We are excited to see him succeed at the State level.” ~ Ray & Judy Lynch

“I have been in touch with Bryan since he was elected Mayor. I send him cards of encouragement. I admire him being such a young man who understands what it means to be a good public servant.” ~ John Gilmore, Milford Resident

“We have known Bryan since he was around 16 years old and I always knew he would turn out well. He will be excellent as a State Representative because he has done wonders for Milford. He will be one of the best we have had.” ~ Corrine & Jim Goodman, Milford Residents

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