As the State Representative for the 36th District, I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve you in Delaware’s 150th General Assembly. As policy makers take on the challenges of our evolving economy, population growth and demand on our natural resources, the 36th District can lead the way by demonstrating that innovative solutions will come from a partnership between business, government and the community.

As the owner of two small businesses in the 36th District, two-term Mayor for the City of Milford and a member of several non-profit Boards, I have a record of strengthening our local economy, rebuilding our infrastructure and transportation systems and advancing our quality of life. The expansion of Milford’s local workforce and hundreds of millions of dollars from private and public investments are noted in Delaware headlines, but our ability to focus on entrepreneurial innovation is the true story behind what drove Milford’s success and what will help the 36th District become a dominant player in Delaware’s future.


Strengthening Our Economy 

As the owner of two small businesses in the 36th District, two-term Mayor for the City of Milford and a member of several non-profit Boards, I have had a unique look inside the local economy. What I have learned from each of these positions is that a healthy economy and job growth come from a spirit of togetherness and a partnership between business, government and the community.  I will always strive to build and maintain that spirit of partnership, welcoming and encouraging employers. I commit to doing everything in my power to clear the runway so they can fly and create good, stable jobs for our families. And I will always encourage a sense of place for our communities, so that future generations can enjoy calling the 36th District home, too. 

Rebuilding our Infrastructure, Transportation Systems

Restoring aging infrastructure, repairing our transportation system and developing new delivery systems to meet growth is critical to the future of the 36th District. Through my work as the Mayor of Milford and owner of two small businesses, I understand the challenges that arise to the public and local economy when systems are outdated. As your State Representative, I will work tirelessly to update our major infrastructure and transportation systems throughout the district to ensure safety and prepare for growth. 

Creating Smart Fiscal Policy 

With any successful government, business or organization, fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone for a healthy future. As the Mayor of Milford, we balanced four budgets, created financial prudent policies and created a system to collect delinquent taxes, ensuring a stable future for the fourth-largest City in Delaware.  We spend too much money without getting a good value for it. We fail to adequately measure the results of that spending. And we have an opportunity to make significant reforms. If I earn you vote, I will go to Dover and help drive those reforms forward. See more at:.