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As the former Mayor of Milford and Small Business Owner, Bryan has the experience to get the job done.
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Key Issues

Key Issues

Bryan Shupe is passionate about Strengthening our Economy, Rebuilding our Infrastructure, Transportation Systems, & Creating Smart Fiscal Policy.
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Meet Bryan Shupe

Bryan William Shupe was born and raised in Milford, DE by William and Sheridan Shupe. After graduating from Milford High School, Bryan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Delaware. For the next several years he worked in Wilmington for a statewide political party and several statewide and local campaigns across the state. During this time Bryan discovered his passion for public service and community.
The passion to improve the quality of life in Milford drove Bryan to start his own business in his hometown and create the city’s first hyperlocal community driven media outlet, called Milford Live. Shortly after, he met his wife Sherry Shaffer and together they opened a second business in downtown Milford called Fur-Baby Boutique & Doggie Daycare. 


News & Events

I Want to Hear Your Story !

I Want to Hear Your Story ! It has been a great experience traveling the 36th District door to door and meeting residents in their neighborhoods and homes over the…

Meet our Supporters

  “I have been a Democrat my whole life and you are the first Republican I will ever vote for.” ~ Ellan Levitsky   Ellan and her sister Dorothy both served…

Creating Smart Fiscal Policy

With any successful government, business or organization, fiscal responsibility is a cornerstone for a healthy future. As your State Representative I have worked tirelessly to advocate for budget smoothing principles…


Thank you to All those who have Endorsed our campaign.
"I have commented and or tagged you under multiple posts in reference to some terrible intersections in the Milford and Lincoln area and have seen you take notice, comment a response AND actually have something done about the issues. I noticed the new signage installed on Benson Rd that was brought to your attention recently and was so excited! As a mother to a recent new driver I am so appreciative for you listening to the local residents concerns and acting on them to make our roads safer to travel. Thank you! 🙌🏻"
Lindsey Ingram Stubbs
“He is brilliant, well-liked and has a vision that I think could take the state to the next level. I was very pleased that he came to me before filing so that I could make my announcement. It says a lot about his character that he would do something like that and I am behind him completely.”
Harvey Kenton
Former State Representative, 36th District
"He always says ‘what do you need’,” Sauls said. “He is always wanting to help this community. He asks, ‘What are your thoughts, David?’ It’s not like he is trying to get something out of me, but that he wants to help. I am part of the NAACP in Milford. Kids coming out to events and Bryan speaks to them, takes photos with them. You don’t see that too often, but Bryan does that. I’m so happy he’s running. I hope people see that he will make a great Representative.”

Retired Veteran, Former NAACP President

David Sauls